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this is great! love that it has a sleep timer.

i was wondering, would it be ok to use this as an away screen for twitch streams? maybe with a link to your page? if not i understand. i was just thinking it would be a cool thing to put on when i need to step away for a couple minutes.

Hi! So sorry it took me so long to respond -- yes that's totally cool, thanks!

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I'm using your app on Android and really love the sounds. I'd like to second dk9's request for a no visual option as sometimes I don't have access to a charging station at night and it'll drain my battery bcuz the display is on. Can you implement a version where the display turns off instead of just dimming?? It would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you,



hi, i like the app on android but can we have a linux port or something to make it more wine compatible? The wine launcher doesn't have audio

install 32-bit gstreamer plugins

Hi, i love the app! I'm just wondering if there's a way to make the windowed mode smaller. I'd love to have it in the corner of my screen so i can fuss with the options easier without minimizing or alt+tab. 


Soothing experience and welcomed new features, definitely recommended

See thread below on how to turn it into a screensaver!


I really wanted to set this program for screensaver on windows. I done it, it works!
Just a question.
There is a way to start this application with a default setting?
Like a custom default intensity of the rain, with the clock turned on.
Can I make a config file or can I give command line arguments to it or something?

It's fun by the way.

Thanks. :)


I had the same thought! I really want this as a screensaver. How did you manage to set that up? I would love to also have it running in the background, thanks. :)


I simply rename the .exe file to .scr and right click, installed it. I dont know this is the best solution but I found this. Oh and unfortunately the screensaver didn't quit to mouse movement or keypress. You have to press the Q key to that. 

It would be awesome if there is an official screensaver version of this program. 

I would absolutely love to get an official screensaver version of this. It's so soothing to just have it playing in the background or when my computer goes idle even. Absolutely love rain. Thank you for the response!

Wow, had no idea one could 'convert' apps into screensavers. I'll definitely look into a screensaver version!

With Wallpaper Engine you can set an EXE as the background, so I'm assuming that's what they did to do that.

So, I got this game in a bundle, but I don't want to talk about the PC version, but about the app. Can you please update the app to also play the audio in the background? Sorry if you get this question a lot. Thanks!

Hi there, thanks for your feedback -- I do actually get that question a lot :) 

...unfortunately, the framework used to build the app does not support running in the background, so even though it's a feature people have asked for for years, I actually can't implement it short of rewriting the whole app to be native, which means I would have to rebuild the app for each platform. :( 

Hopefully this changes somewhere down the line, because I know lots of people want that feature!

It's a shame you can't impliment that feature, but its still really relaxing, so i can't really complain :D

McAfee blocked a generic virus from your product.  I'm not sure why that popped up, but thought you might want to know. 

That doesn't sound good! Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into what can be done - 


Also, don't use McAfee - it's borderline malware.  Mostly useless against real problems, eats your system resources, difficult to remove...not worth it.

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Hey, is it possible to get an audio-only version? All the rain really takes a hit on my GPU, but I still like having the rain as background noise. Basically the app (click and drag feature still working), probably running in windowed, without the visual effects, at least that would be the ideal version for me. Thank you <3

Interesting - I'll look into this, thanks for your feedback! Would it be useful to you if you could ratchet down the number of raindrops (to reduce GPU strain)? Or would you just prefer to have no visuals at all?


Less rain drops would be a good additional setting for the regular version, but yeah I'd prefer no rendered visuals at all to make as little of an impact as possible so I can still do more demanding things while listening to the rain <3

Hello ROBYSOFT! Wanted to check in and see if anything has been worked on with my request? Thank you! :)


I just wanted to chime in here and 2nd or 3rd that request. Since you can't update the current version, can you make a no visual format so the battery doesn't drain when you're low or can't get to a charger?

Would really appreciate a version that could play without having to keep the app open, but in lieu of that an audio only version would make a great runner up!

Thanks a bunch!


Super fun to see this included in the bundle!! I've actually been using this on my phone for years now! It's my go-to as a noise machine when I sleep, it's thanks to this that I've been able to sleep so soundly...

Thank you for developing such an app!

That's awesome! Just Rain has been on iTunes and Google Play for some time but the desktop version here hasn't gotten much love until now. Thanks for your support!


Love the app! Nice and clean and does the job with a nice coat of paint on the whole thing. Just got it in the relief bundle, but I was wondering if there was a way to use my purchase on the Android version? Or is that fully separate?

Either way fabulous job! :)

Thank you! Hmm... currently, there's no way to use the purchase on the Android version, but that's not because I'm opposed to it, just because I don't know how, logistically, to tie things into Google Play! Sorry about that; however, the Google Play version is free (with a $0.99 purchase for some extra features), if that's at all helpful. I'll do a little research to see if there's anything that can be done on my end.

no problem if you can't, thanks for the reply!


Loving this so far, rain and thunderstorms always make me super relaxed.

Any chance that the time could be reflected in the darkness of the sky as one of the options? I'd love to use it for falling asleep, but the brightness of the sky is one of the things that's keeping me from doing that.

Also wondering how you got the rain and thunder sounds to be so smooth and merge into each other so well. It's honestly amazing how high quality the sound and particles are.


Thanks, I'm glad you're liking the app! I will definitely look into your idea for a 'sync with real time' feature. In the meantime, did you know that you can click further down on the screen to make the sky darker? That might help you use the app at night. There is also an 'auto-dim after 5 minutes of inactivity' option that might help. 

As for the rain sounds themselves, I originally created Just Rain because I found the alternatives (particularly on mobile) to have really tinny sounds and very obvious, short loops. To achieve the effect you noticed, I'm layering several  different sound recordings over each other and adjusting the volume of each as you click in different areas on screen. Each recording is long (over a minute at least) and high quality, to prevent looping being obvious or repetitive.  It took a lot of testing and mixing to get it to feel right, I'm glad you appreciate it!

I did notice the sky getting darker when I make the rain heavier, I’m just too addicted to the randomized weather cycle because of the smooth transitions lol. I’ll have to try out the dimming function tho, I misunderstood it’s function and thought it was something like a computer's sleep function.

Thanks for the explanation on how the sounds work btw!. All that tinkering really paid off, it sounds great! :D


I love this so much! Especially how it slowly shifts between light/heavy rain and left/right speaker.  I was wondering if there's any way to move the application to another monitor? I have a triple monitor setup and it's sadly covered by the work I'm doing on my main monitor. Love the program! 

Thanks for your comment! Hmm... I'm not sure about this, are you running Windows or macOS? I'll look into this and other windowed options for the next version - 

Windows 10. Somehow I got  the program to run in a window and  I'm able to move it around. I'm not sure how I did it lol. 


Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new version with several new features, including a windowed/fullscreen toggle. Check it out!


Great to have on in the background, keeping me sane working from home right now! If I was to make one suggestion, only a very small one, it might be remembering the settings between sessions - I like to have it on Wander and sometimes forget to set it.

Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into this!


Hi! I really love this, it's great for background noise or just relaxing! 

Is there any menu I'm not seeing for a way to (1) make it less than fullscreen (2) exit? Not a huge deal, but thought I'd check in!


Hi, thanks so much! 

Unfortunately there currently isn't an option for a windowed mode... and leaving out an official 'exit' was an oversight on my part :/ So you will have to use Alt + F4 on Windows or ⌘ + Q on macOS to exit for now. Sorry about that! I'll definitely add 'exit' in the next version and look into how easy a windowed mode would be!


Oh, cool! Thanks for the tip; I forgot about Alt+F4 and kept opening the task manager, lmao.

I appreciate your reply! :) Grabbing the mobile version for bedtime as we speak~


Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new version with a proper quit button as well as several new features from the mobile version. Thanks for your support!


Amazing software, thank you very much for providing it on the bundle. I would never have got its attention otherwise.
If I could suggest another feature would be adding a pomodoro timer into it as it is great for my studies

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying Just Rain! Also thanks for the feature suggestion... the app for iOS/Android actually has a few more features including a sleep timer. I'll look into implementing those features on the desktop version and potentially some other timer variants. Thanks again for supporting the Bundle for Justice and Racial Equality!

Hey again, just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new version with a few new features, including a sleep timer (auto-exit after one hour). I know it's not exactly what you were asking for, but maybe it will be useful. I'll look into some other timer variants in the future.

Hi there, I saw and tried the updated. The sleep function is nice but can you add a timer inside this function so we can increase or decrease the time to "sleep"? I dont know if that is hard or not to do but a simple arrow up or down to increase or decrease the time would do the trick!

Regarding monochromatic is a nice function and I have nothing against it.

It would be nice to have the auto-exit also adjustable to the user needs if possible!

Thanks again for delivering the update so fast!