New features available!

New features available for Windows/macOS!

  • New options including:
    • Sleep timer (app exits after 1 hour of inactivity)
    • Monochrome mode
    • Fullscreen/Windowed toggle
  • Refreshed title graphics
  • Hitting the 'q' button now exits the app

Thanks for your support!

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Jun 14, 2020

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I really like the app but where is the documentation? What are the hotkeys? The only option I get is to press M which brings up 4 toggleable options. For me there is no windowed/fullscreen option and hitting Q does nothing, I can only ALT-F4 to exit. This is using the build.

Thanks for making this!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment! So if you downloaded the build you should definitely see more than 4 options and 'Q' should quit the app. Is it possible you downloaded the original builds by accident? Let me know if re-downloading the newer builds doesn't help!


Sorry I just now checked back on this. Re-downloading did the trick, don't know what happened. Now I can finally move it to my second monitor and use it the way I wanted to. Thanks!


Soothing experience and welcomed new features

Definitely recommended!

Deleted 2 years ago
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Thank you! Certainly -- I'm somewhat new to itch so I may have delivered the update incorrectly, but from the main Just Rain page, if you scroll down to downloads there should be two new downloads called and, respectively.

It's not so much an update but a new set of downloads -- so you can delete the copy you downloaded already and download these new versions instead. Please let me know if you have any trouble!